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1.  Amount:  $4,350,000.  Construction site accident.  A laborer who was lining a city‑owned  reservoir drowned when his vehicle failed to stop in the designated parking area, proceeding over a  6-inch parking guard and into the water- filled reservoir below.


2.  Amount:  $2,985,000.  Motor vehicle accident.  A delivery truck cut in front of another motorist,  who swerved to avoid it and drove his vehicle off the roadway, where it flipped and came to rest in an embankment. The motorist, a 23 year old carpenter's apprentice, sustained a closed head brain injury.


3   Amount:  $2,225,000.  Premises liability.  Construction accident.   A K‑9 Philadelphia police officer while conducting a building search at night in a poorly lit warehouse that was under renovation,  fell through an unfinished floor to the floor below, shattering his back.


4.  Amount. $1,900,000.  Scaffold accident.  A 59 year old contractor fell off a scaffold that had been improperly erected by another contractor, sustaining multiple injuries.


5.  Amount:  $1,250,000 and disability pension.  Sexual discrimination.  Male police officers in a special investigations unit harassed its first female member by putting lye in her locker causing second degree burns and emotional injuries.


6.  Amount:  $895,000.  Premises liability.  While making a phone call, a patron at a restaurant leaned backward onto a concealed doorway to the basement,  falling down a flight of steps and striking his head causing seizures.


7.  Amount:  $795,000.  Medical malpractice.  Failure by doctors to timely diagnose or treat breast cancer of a 65 year old grandmother whose abnormal mammogram results were not attended to promptly, shortening her life expectancy.


8.  Amount:  $668,000.  Premises liability.  A commercial refrigerator mechanic fell while repairing a refrigeration leak at a supermarket, and sustained a ruptured biceps tendon.  The refrigeration "pit" area where he fell was unsafely designed.


9.  Amount:  Confidential settlement.   An unknown assailant entered a female student's dormitory room at a local college and raped her.  The college failed to provide adequate security.


10.  Class Action.  Successfully represented Philadelphia Police and Firefighters who claimed inadequate or unskilled medical care at city-operated facilities.   As a consequence, old and inadequate city-operated facilities were closed and replaced by new, better equipped and staffed facilities.


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Workplace Safety
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